At the beginning of 2021, we came together as Consent Calling, the collective has changed and expanded again and again, but since then we have actually worked through; we have given speeches, designed and conducted workshops, held events and theme nights, were feminist active on the street, wrote texts, we built an Instagram channel, created a website, founded a society, exchanged ideas with feminist groups, trained ourselves and spent the last few months putting all our resources into crowdfunding and press work.

We do all this work in addition to our wagework and so far completely free of charge.

As fulfilling, enriching and great as this work in the collective is, it is also very labor-intensive – that's why we are taking a real breather for the first time in over a year and will not be on Instagram, nor checking mails, nor creating concepts, doing accounting or somehow working for Consent Calling.

As we all know, especially under capitalist conditions, self-care is highly political and that's why we all chill out briefly from 25.4.-2.5., in order to be able to plan the next steps with Consent Calling with full power.

Thank you for understanding <3