The Collective

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What We Want

Quite simply, it's about sex. To be a bit more precise: It's about sexual self-empowerment. We want to open a sex store, but not just any sex store – we want something that is much more than just a store: A place of education, exchange and inspiration. We believe that sexuality is overrepresented in today’s media, while at the same time, it is rarely shown in its richness and diversity. In addition, self-pleasure is still a taboo for many people. We have too little knowledge and experience how sexuality can actually be negotiated without shame. In addition to safer spaces, most people simply lack the words to think and speak about their sexuality. Therefore, a place that is accessible to everyone and where different approaches to addressing one's own sexuality is needed.

The sale of toys (in our selection we pay attention to sustainability and self-defined criteria such as body safety/body compatibility, no body depictions, etc.) and individual counseling can be an opportunity to explore and expand one's own pleasure. Sexpositivity, for us, has the highest priority. We want to celebrate sexuality and pleasure! At the same time, it is equally important to us to offer literature, workshops, seminars and other events to discuss topics about sexuality as well. Topics such as: How can I live consensual sexuality? How can I educate children in an age-appropriate way? How can I implement open relationship concepts in practice? How do I tie up my partner in a way that we both like and feel safe? These are just a few of our ideas, we are excited to hear about everyone else’s!

In addition to working on a theoretical level, we also want to actively fight social constraints, norms and systems of oppression. We want to make sexuality visible beyond hetero- and cisnormativity and free ourselves from the capitalist striving towards performance and efficiency in bed. Because, in today’s prevailing patriarchal system, the personal is and remains political. That's why it is central for us to address these issues on all levels, which means to be active on demonstrations and investing in feminist networking a lot too.

We want to make sexuality visible beyond hetero- and cisnormativity and free ourselves from capitalistic performance and efficiency thinking in bed and very important: We want to celebrate consensual sexuality!

Who We Are

We are Consent Calling, the first feminist sex shop collective in Munich. In our opinion, it is only possible to deal with such a multifaceted topic as sexuality in a collective structure. For us, networking and exchange with other feminists is essential in order to include different knowledge and experiences in the discourse. This is how we ensure a constant learning process and the expansion of our horizons.

Therefore, we are happy about everyone who supports and enriches our project beyond the core collective.

As a collective, we are united by the desire for a different world, for sex-positive education as well as for solidary and grassroots-democratic work structures. These are the reasons why we founded Consent Calling in 2021 and since then, we have been working on our vision on a voluntary basis with a large portion of idealism. We are already politically active as a collective, especially in the field of educational work, and wish to really take off with the crowdfunding as a basis.

We are working as a collective to develop a collaborative working structure despite capitalist constraints and to prioritize our project, not commercial success. Profits do not flow into our pockets, but are reinvested - in workshops, in better products, in other words, in you and what you need.