Workshop: let´s talk about sex

Workshop: let´s talk about sex

On Monday, 30.5., our next workshop will take place as part of the Public Social Value School organized by the Diversity StuVe at the Munich University of Applied Sciences.

Myths, fears and expectations about how sex should take place, who should play which role and how cis and heteronormative stereotypes are reproduced as a result shape our image of sex(uality). The discourse around sexuality is characterized by pigeonholing, gendered role models and the pressure of sexual performance that is as optimized as possible. These aspects in combination with the taboo, the feelings of shame and the enormous speechlessness that often accompany sexuality, lead to the fact that open and honest communication about the topic is difficult for many people.

We want to work together on why we are not able to live consensual sexuality without language and terminology for our lust, how it is possible in the discourse on sexuality to prevent standardized and sterotype ideas from being reproduced and how the real existing diversity in terms of relationship forms, gender identities and sexual orientations can be made visible.

There is a limited number of participants. So sign up at:

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