Our crowdfunding comes to an end - with a gigantic sum of 19.210 € and 245 supports!

We thank you all with all our hearts for these great financial support. In fact, we can not believe that we have actually managed to collapse such a blatant sum and are just completely overwhelmed. 


Thanks to everyone who shared our content, told about advertising, have made flyers distributed, put us pushed, on our events, have reported about us and have linked us. Thanks to all who have strengthened us the back and given us in the crowdfunding phase so much love and confidence. 

Thank you for your enormous advance of trust and that there are still so many people who believe that feminist changes are possible and that in the field of sexuality is still a tremendous need. 
We are happy that you all believe in us and our vision - to open a feminist sex shop in Munich - that now allows us to take more steps with Consent Calling! 

How exactly these will look, we will find out in the next few months ....

We are infinitely thankful, proud, happy and full of anticipation of the next phase of Consent Calling

Thanks to our wonderful crowd 💜💛♥️

Daniela, Lisa, Sarah, Chris, Sandra, Jojo und Miriam