Our first workshop: Let's talk about sex

Our first workshop: Let's talk about sex

Vier Mitglieder des Kernkollektivs mit der Workshopankündigung

We had the pleasure of holding our first workshop as part of the critical introductory weeks of the LMU, organised by the department for anti-classism. The aim of these weeks is not only to show first-year students the best bars in the city at the beginning of the semester, but also to introduce emancipatory initiatives and groups in the city. With lectures, film evenings, workshops, city tours and much more, a diverse programm was put together. We are very happy that we could be part of these weeks and that we could contribute with our contents and perspectives to make this city a place where people can exchange critically and in solidarity about different topics!

Here is a description of our workshop:
The topic of sex, despite its omnipresence in society, is at the same time still a taboo and linked to shame or normative ideas that create pressure. With our project, we are fighting for more space to exchange about sexuality more honestly and openly and, above all, to discuss more about consensual sexuality and sexual self-determination.
Our workshop is therefore aimed at all people who are interested in getting more involved with the principle of consensus and communication about needs and boundaries, and who are wondering what the whole thing actually has to do with feminism and the fight against patriarchy. Furthermore, we want to show what is behind the concepts of "yes means yes" and "no means no" and work out together which methods and ways of thinking can be used to live consensual sexuality.

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