Workshop: Living Consensual Sexuality

Workshop: Living Consensual Sexuality

Let's talk about Sex - Konsensuelle Sexualität leben

16. July 2022
17:30 - 19:30

On July 16, the Summer Soli-Party of Erogenen Zone will take place – the Freiburg sex shop collective. We are very pleased that Jojo visits them in this context and offers our workshop on consensual sexuality there. "Yes means yes and no means no!" – A sentence that is as fundamental as it is powerful and has established itself as a battle cry against sexual assault and for sexual consent. But what is actually behind it? What does consensus have to do with myself and what has to do with other people? How can I really implement consensus and what are the difficulties?

We want to work with you to find out where the concept of consent starts and in which social context the situations of negotiation are integrated. We want to deal with the communication of boundaries and needs as well as with the interweaving of consent and self-determination. And above all, we want to create a space where we can exchange ideas honestly and openly and face all the uncertainties and fears that lie on this path together.

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