Living and loving beyond monogamy

Living and loving beyond monogamy

10. April 2022
18:00 - 20:30

In 2022, more and more people are living in relationships beyond monogamy.

Together we want to discuss the different concepts and needs behind this. Without dogma, without pressure and without reproducing new constraints we want to start a conversation with you. Concepts beyond monogamy are so damn diverse that it is worth taking a critical, honest and feminist look at the different models and motivations behind them.

Therefore, we want to get together with people who live in open relationships, who are poly, who are relationship anarchists or who are curious and thinking about entering into a more open relationship concept themselves. No matter if you have a label for your model, if you have several, if you don't need one - we welcome all people who live or want to live beyond monogamy and are looking for like-minded people. Collectively, in solidarity and appreciatively we want to deal with the possibilities and challenges of open love concepts. Overcoming the classic prejudices and attributions, dealing with the different rules and communication possibilities and discussing what influence patriarchy has on all of our love and sex lives.

Cafe Tabula Rasa is closed on Sundays and will provide us with their premises for this evening and Julia will even run the bar just for our group.

As we only have a limited number of places, you must register by email ( or by using our contact form. Participation is free of charge. To protect you and us, 2G applies. Please bring the appropriate proof and ID with you.

Daniela und Sandra freuen sich auf euch!