Event at "Good Vibrations"

Event at "Good Vibrations"

19. July 2022
18:00 - 21:00

Kulturcafé Gans Woanders

On Tuesday, July 19, we can present our project at "Good Vibration" by "Fairstärkung" and "Impact Hub Munich" at Gans Woanders and are very happy to be able to carry our content to this beautiful place in the city. On this day, the stage belongs not only to us, but to many different projects that are committed to social interaction in different ways.

Therefore, come by when you want to get to know new, innovative, sustainable, political or creative projects and initiatives. Come by if you want to spend your after-work drink in a cool location and with exciting content. Come by if you have always wanted to know more about us or just feel like a fluff and a personal acquaintance.

Free admission - it's worth coming on time

Jojo and Sandra are really looking forward to seeing you <3