We won’t shut up: More Feminism – More Space for Sexuality

We won’t shut up: More Feminism – More Space for Sexuality

5. March 2022
19:00 - 21:30

Bellvue di Monaco Hinterhaus

Live stream on Youtube

Our goal as Consent Calling is to enrich the discourse around sexuality with explicitly feminist perspectives so it can unfold its emancipatory potential. Precisely this is the aim of the event: to explain and discuss together how explicitly feminist perspectives on sexuality can look - theoretically, practically and with the intention of creating different social conditions. Sex is omnipresent and yet taboo. Consensus, sexual optimization logics, norms, shame, sexual performance, gender roles - all these aspects are interrelated and therefore an interrelated approach is the way we need to think about these aspects. On the occasion of March 8 and also due to the underlying patriarchal critique of our project, we want to analyze what consequences feminist discourses can have on the field of sexuality. Critical of power, honest and open, we want to start a conversation with all those who also feel the need to finally speak differently, finally more and finally more openly about sexuality.


The We Won’t Shut Up!-collective hosts a festival around March 8 since 2020 every year with discussions, workshops, readings, citywalks and DJ-sets to combine as many aspects and subjects connected with this date as possible. This year the festival takes place from 4th to 8th of March with the motto "Gemeinsam Veränderung schaffen“ (“create change together”). Here you can find the program of the festival.


Die Veranstaltung findet im Hinterhaus des Bellvue di Monaco (2G – bitte denkt an den entsprechenden Nachweis und Ausweis) und im Livestream statt.