Diversity in the core collective

Diversity in the core collective

Zwei beige Cs auf grünem Hintergrund

We are aware of the fact that we are privileged in multiple ways: we are white, have an academic background, are endo - i.e. not inter - and are not affected by ableism. We clearly understand that this means a lack of experiences and perspectives. Despite the differences in our sexual orientations, our being queer, forms of relationships, gender identities, sexual biographies, political backgrounds and our motivation to be part of Consent Calling, there is still room for improvement regarding the diversity of the core collective’s composition. But we want to deal with our different privileges in a transparent and responsible way; for us this also means that we do not presume to be able to speak for all people, and that we are aware that we are not able to address all people equally.

One thing is certain:

The people who are currently working in the collective will not be the people who will exclusively sell and advise in the shop, and we will be able to conduct only some of the workshops by ourselves. Because we are not experts on every topic, we have had only certain experiences of discrimination, and exactly because of that we founded Consent Calling.

Because we know that there is more, because we want to make this "more", this diversity, visible, give it a space and offer people opportunities to get to know each other, to exchange, to network and to learn from each other. From the beginning, we have always been open to new people and continue to be so. In order to give everyone the opportunity to get involved according to their possibilities, we have founded a support structure. People of the most different gender identities and sexual orientations gather here, and we are curious to see how this structure will develop. Because our collective thrives on openness, so that missing perspectives become part of us and we can grow from your criticism.

We openly deal with the fact that the core collective started with only cis women, but this has already changed precisely because of the docking onto a support structure. We continue to think about the reasons why this has not changed before and continue to see a need to unite more diverse identity markers in the collective.

Nevertheless, the question about whether we have the right to open a feminist sex shop, despite our privileges and lack of views, was raised.

Here's what we have to say about that:

  1. The project is still at the beginning. Because of this, we went public early on, to offer people the opportunity to join in terms of their perspective. Ultimately, we want to use our current means to get the ball rolling.
  2. Our common goal is to question the prevailing power relations, to change them and thus to abolish the capitalist patriarchy. The basis for this is not only the same or a similar identity, but the same or similarly constituted conviction to fight for a different world. We also need to consider the intersections with other forms of discrimination and there needs to be a constant willingness to educate one’s self and to learn. This is the base for the kind of strong feminist movement we want to be part of.
  3. The core collective will change and grow. And it should! That's why we are so overjoyed about every person who wants to become part of us. And also about any kind of solidary criticism and hints about any areas of weakness in our perceptions.
  4. We do not meet our own standards when it comes to diversity in the core collective. However, all seven of us have experienced the massive and diverse impacts of patriarchy in our own (sex) lives. Because of this, and because we are arguing for a feminism that unites us primarily because of our political stance, activism and motivation, we see the foundation in this for launching our project.