What is sex, anyway?

What is sex, anyway?

... aber was ist eigentlich Sex?

In our society defined by dominance, sex often means penetrative sex, and of course it must involve a penis and vulva/vagina, often according to porn script.
In our store and related educational offerings, we want to help broaden the view of what we define as sex. We want to create a space to discover, discuss and learn about the many facets of sexuality. Without performance pressure and comparisons.

But what is sex for us, really?

Sex can...
be sex with yourself.
be sensual.
help you to feel yourself.
be a connection with another person.
be sex with more than one person.
be super intimate, but it doesn't have to be.
be love, but doesn't have to.
be stress relief.
mean discovering new things.
mean growth.
be about giving love to yourself.
imply the acting out of kinks.
imply penetration, but it does not have to.
happen in your head.
be dirty.
be gentle.
be hard.
be without and with orgasm.
involve heaps of bodily fluids.

Sex is...
open communication.
diverse and must be consensual.
what YOU define as sex for you!