Consent Calling - Munich's feminist sex shop collective

A space for education and sex positivity

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Dealing with pressure in our meritocracy

From the first moment it was clear that we wanted to achieve something big with Consent Calling. We had a vision. And it has grown with every meeting. At the same time, everything else has grown: the collective itself, our ideas, our individual projects, the steps we have taken, the number of networking requests from outside, the circle of people who want to support us…
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Aspiration and Reality - A Feminist Sex Shop under Capitalism

The basis for our work in the collective is, of course, that we agree on the most important, essential points. One of them is that we all have a critical attitude towards capitalism, which expresses itself, for example, in the fact that we want to create something together in solidarity, all while paying attention to individual needs, and in an anti-hierarchical way. This attitude should also be reflected…
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Diversity in the core collective

We are aware of the fact that we are privileged in multiple ways: we are white, have an academic background, are endo - i.e. not inter - and are not affected by ableism. We clearly understand that this means a lack of experiences and perspectives. Despite the differences in our sexual orientations, our being queer, forms of relationships, gender identities, sexual biographies, political backgrounds…
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Why no thank-yous?

Today we would like to talk about the topic of " thank-yous". Perhaps many of you have already asked yourselves why we don't actually offer any material thank-yous, but "only" symbolic thank-yous. These serve primarily as orientation scales to help you better assess how much money we need for which of our tasks. As we would like to act as transparently as possible in our entire work process, we would like to explain our thoughts behind it...
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The history of Consent Calling

The idea of founding a feminist sex shop in Munich came about in autumn 2020. Sandra was, due to the inspiration of a friend and her participation in a partly very problematic sex education training (pornophobic, (hetero/cis)-normative content), very quickly very fascinated by the idea of creating a place in Munich that negotiates sexuality differently from the way it has been done so far in the dominance society. Soon Sandra found the first interested people, and a first meeting, where big utopias were developed, took place. Since then, a hell of a lot has happened and we have grown on so many levels...
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